In The Energy of Not Knowing

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“In one sense the (Unknowable) represents the path of karma – the sum total of what you have done and the limits on what you are and will become. At the same time …it teaches that the very debts of old karma shift and evolve as you shift and evolve. Nothing is predestined; there is nothing that cannot be avoided. And if, indeed, there are “matters hidden by the gods,” you need only remember: What beckons is the creative power of the unknown.”

The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum


The future is an interesting place: at the same time, mysterious and predictable. It can be predictable when you examine the patterns and habits that brought you to your present moment. You are a creature of habit, and unless you make a conscious effort to change your habits, you can predict with some accuracy how you will respond to the circumstances of your life. 

The mystery lies in the ways of being that you have forgotten. There is nothing unknown, only things forgotten. You forget for many reasons and often create places in your life where you suddenly remember. Such as the experience of the mother who lifts a car off her child—she forgot her capacity for strength until such time as she most needed it. 

It doesn’t have to take an extreme circumstance for you to remember what you are capable of or of what you came to this lifetime to accomplish and learn. You have the tools to tap into the forgotten corners of your life and reveal clearly the how and why of your experiences.

Meditation is one of these tools, as are Oracle cards, Rune Stones, the I Ching and many others. Each time you engage with one of these tools, you immediately enter an altered state of consciousness as you open yourself to your wisdom and guidance. Where that guidance comes from is less important than the fact you asked in the first place.

I always caution my clients and students when they ask about the future, not because there is anything scary in the future but because the future is energy in motion, and as such, it moves and flows with each choice you make in the present moment. If you choose to walk left instead of right, you have instantly changed the future from your point of consciousness. 

There is great truth to the saying, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” When you work with the Oracle cards, for example, you are working with general guidance rather than specifics. For example, if the question you ask is, “Will she come back to me?” you may receive a “yes,” but then you must open yourself to the “how” of that “yes.” You must recognize that the “yes” is energy in motion, changing as you change or the other person changes. 

One of my clients desperately wanted the answer to that same question to be a “yes.” She was so caught up in the need for it to be “yes” that she couldn’t hear the “how” of that future possibility. Changes were being asked of her that she was unwilling to engage in; perhaps wasn’t ready to give herself permission to experience. A year later, without having made any of the changes she had been guided to do, the answer was still “yes,” but the “how” had been yet to be realized, and so the “yes” had not manifested. The future had kept pace with her present state of mind and being.

Difficult and challenging circumstances happen to one degree or another. Using a tool like the Oracle cards gives you the opportunity to look beyond what is right in front of you and opens you to the solutions that already exist in your life experiences. If you approach life from the perspective that no wrong choices exist, that there are choices and your experiences of those choices, you can step back a pace, become clear and centred, moving into and through your life’s circumstances. Knowing the future is about knowing yourself and recognizing what needs to change so you can enjoy the best experiences of your life’s circumstances. Welcome the Future—it’s your creative expression of your life story.