The Story Of  Intuitive Energy Massage

A New Day Dawning In Energy Healing

I’ve always had an interest in healing beyond the physical body and a fascination with how the physical body manifests pain, illness, and injury—and why. Even as a child, I could recognize the healing power of simply laying my hands on someone to comfort them while removing their pain—without them or me being consciously aware of how or why this happened. As an adult, I gave this healing technique the name “White Light Healing,” where I would put my hands over the site of an injury, sending bright white light while distracting the person I was helping with conversation. Children especially responded to this technique, and I knew I was on to something powerful when the parents took note and wanted to know what I was doing and how it was working so successfully on their children.

When I embarked on my journey as a Healer, I was determined to offer a diverse range of healing modalities. The more tools and techniques you have in your Healing Tool Kit, the more effective a Healer you can be. By embracing a variety of approaches, you open yourself up to the myriad ways each person can heal rather than being confined by a single method.

As no one had heard of “White Light Healing” yet, I looked to Reiki as a foundational energy healing system that was familiar to many people. As I took my Reiki levels and became a Reiki Master, I recognized much of what I was already intuitively doing with my “White Light Healing” system. I loved this awareness as it confirmed for me how versatile energy healing is and how differently it can show up for people while achieving similar results.

My efforts to follow to the letter the Reiki system I was training in proved unsuccessful. My hands kept wandering outside of the protocol positions. After a few traditional Reiki sessions with clients, I allowed myself to get out of the way and let my hands move to wherever and however they needed to for my client. 

As I allowed my intuition to guide me and became a conduit for the energy I was working with, Intuitive Energy Massage began to take shape. Over several years, the structure of IEM gradually emerged until it became clear to me that something new and powerful was being created. This modality was not only transformative but also teachable, and I was excited to share it with the world. Intuitive Energy Massage is an evolution of energy medicine and healing.

I witnessed the healing my clients were experiencing as we connected the Intuitive Counseling piece with the energy healing piece—even with one IEM session, significant shifts and changes were occurring for my clients. Seeing the potential for this method to be shared, I began the process of documenting the system—where my hands rested, how I moved around my client’s body, and what sort of information I received from the client’s various bodies, the energetic, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical. 

The name Intuitive Energy Massage beautifully incorporates what’s occurring within this system—the practitioner trusts their intuition and connects to their psychic abilities as they receive information about their client’s memories from this lifetime and past lives. The practitioner is working with the flow of energy throughout their body and the client’s body, helping shift energy blocks from emotional wounds while moving the client’s body through the stretches and massage to help open and clear the lymphatic and energy systems via the Chakra centers and the various energy bodies. 

By incorporating the conversation at the end of each session, when the practitioner shares with the client the information the practitioner has received while working on the client and allows space for the client to share their experiences while receiving the treatment, an amazing container for deep and transformative healing is created. Among other things, it’s the Intuitive Counseling piece after the treatment that allows IEM to have such a profound impact on people.

As the student progress through their IEM certification, they learn how to connect with their intuition and how to have Intuitive Counseling conversations with their clients, using the language of Energy Medicine, past-Live Healing, the Chakra and Aura Systems, and much more. I have created three levels of certification: Level 1, Level 2, and Master Teacher. An IEM practitioner is invited to complete one, two, or all three levels to offer IEM to their clients.

I have developed four versions of IEM treatments: the Front IEM, Back IEM, Chair IEM, and Free-Flow IEM. Each treatment addresses different and overlapping areas of healing and can be beautifully interchanged throughout the client’s healing journey.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful class! It was so great to meet such wonderful people:) I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it! I look forward to the next one!

Love you lots!”