The Heart’s Journey

Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook

Healing After Heartbreak

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook, published with Hay House Publishing and Balboa Press, was born out of my journey of transformation and healing after the end of my 23-year marriage. I navigated this transition with the help of the beautiful heart shapes I found in nature.  

Following My Heart’s Wisdom

I asked the Universe for a sign that when I saw it, I would know I was following my heart above all other voices, even when the path ahead was full of the unknown. And then I began to see them. Hearts. Everywhere. Especially when doubt, regret, or pain overwhelmed me for the choices I knew I had to make. Hearts came into my consciousness: in the rocks at the beach, in patterns on driftwood; painted on the sides of buildings. Each time I tried to go back emotionally to old ways of being, I would be inundated with images of hearts—as if they were shouting at me to continue moving forward.

Nature’s Hearts: Inspiring the Healing Hearts Oracle Cards

These hearts in nature and the profound messages they carry empowered me to follow my heart with a newfound clarity and purpose. From the insights I gathered on this journey, I crafted The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook. This beautiful, boxed set is a beacon of healing, offering guidance for your heart’s intelligence, giving you the power to heal your heart wounds, love more deeply, and forge authentic connections with others.

Enhanced Healing: The Complete Healing Hearts Oracle Set with Journal

In addition, I have included the Healing Hearts Journal to help you record the messages from the Healing Hearts Oracle Cards, a matching bookmark, and a pen, making this boxed set the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or a family member who is experiencing heartbreak or wants to deepen their relationship with those around them. It is my sincere hope that in using these heart cards in your daily life, you will connect with the energy and life force of love, however it manifests for you, and learn to give yourself permission to embrace love, finding comfort and peace in its messages and energy.

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook Boxed Set includes:

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook

Box Set

Your heart holds all the wisdom you will ever need to love fully as you navigate each of your relationships. This unique set includes The Heart’s Journey Guidebook, The Heart’s Journey Journal, a matching pen, and a bookmark in a beautiful, high-quality hardcover box to keep everything together.

The Healing Hearts Guidebook

Healing Hearts Guidebook

A 118-page full-color guidebook that shares Megan’s story of how and why these hearts came into her life, how to work with and hold readings with The Healing Heart’s Oracle cards, and the messages of each of these healing hearts.

Healing Hearts Oracle Cards

Healing Hearts Oracle Cards

42 beautifully designed, full-color heart cards with healing messages in their own high-quality, sturdy box.

Healing Hearts Pen & Bookmark

Matching Pen & Bookmark

Included in the Healing Hearts box set is a matching bookmark and ink pen, providing you with everything you need to fully immerse yourself in The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook Box Set.

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook…

is ideal for people:

  • Experiencing separation or divorce
  • Healing from heartbreak and the loss of a loved one
  • Seeking a deeper connection with themselves
  • Understanding their relationships

And for…

  • Counselors and therapists looking for tools to help their clients as they do their healing work
  • Anyone interested in exploring Heart Math and heart intelligence
  • Those seeking to develop their intuition
  • People interested in learning to read Oracle cards

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Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. How beautiful is this and your incredible gift to us. You have given us the gift of more healing that was needed, you have no idea the extent of the bridge you assisted in helping us build. Thank you again. Some sincere tears fell. Thank you so much, from the small piece of the world that would have not had the opportunity to receive your message, the universe made sure we did. I am really taken aback with your story, and cards. Simply beautiful and extremely heart wrenching”

Tina Colbert, Senior Publishing Consultant, Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House