Back to Nature and all its Healing Medicine!

No matter where we live, healing plants are right under our feet and towering above us. We live in a fantastic sea of natural medicines. 

We don’t have to heal ourselves;
we will heal

What we need to do is to stop making ourselves sick.

The best plant medicines come from the plants in our environment, whether in our backyard or balcony garden, local neighborhood, park, or town, or in the wilds that surround us past the city limits. Local herbs and plants are not ten times stronger; they are not one hundred times stronger; they are 10,000 times stronger than plants that grow somewhere else!

Balancing Health: Natural and Nourishing Healing Products

Food as Medicine, Aromatic Medicine, pure, therapeutic Essential Oils, and naturally made teas, tinctures, salves, and balms help bring our minds, bodies, and souls into balance, grace, and deep, sustained health. I love being able to offer my clients ethically sourced, lovingly made, and deeply nourishing healing products to sustain them on their healing journey and beyond.

Beyond the Garden Gate: Embracing Herbal Living and Seasonal Wellness

Beyond the Garden Gate Botanicals is how I do this. My goal is to inspire my clients to live with the seasons, become self-reliant, connect with nature, and protect their health and wellness through plant medicine and herbal living. Go outside! It’s good for you!

Nature’s Touch: Handcrafted Salves and Serums

Made with so much love from Beyond the Garden Gate and Mother Nature! Native plant medicine salves, ready to grace your skin; Vanilla Leaf infused oils, Arbutus Flower, Comfrey Root, Mullin Flower, Seaweed, California Poppy & Mushroom infused salves and serums; Cedar and Fir Resin Salves, Lilac Blossom infused oils, Rose Hip and Lavender serums, Dandelion Salve and lots of fun lip balms—ever heard of Dill Pickle Lip Balm? Made with pure, therapeutic essential oils of Dill and Caraway, excellent for licking off your lips, it helps with digestion AND gut health!

Beyond the Garden Gate Botanicals

Beyond the Garden Gate Botanicals combines the deep healing potential of Essential Oils with Nature and Plant Medicine.

Ethically foraged & Magically made!

“I love the scent of this serum—subtle, earthy, warm. The feel—soft, gentle, light, refined, exquisite. The essence is pure, clean, loving, healing, nourishing, embracing, nurturing, connecting, and mending. There’s something so beautiful about this product. I want to be drenched in it!”

Shayu T