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Megan Edge

Welcome! I’m thrilled you are here. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward lasting healing, where you can unlock your full potential and take full accountability for your physical, mental, and emotional wellness?

I’m passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in health, abundance, and joy. I’m committed to empowering my clients with practical tools for sustaining profound and enduring transformation. Within my Healer’s Tool Kit, you’ll discover a wealth of healing modalities that I’m eager to share with you, including energy medicine, visualization, meditation, intuitive counseling, essential oils, aromatic medicine, and healing with nature.

Take some time to explore my offerings, and then let’s connect if you’re ready to change your life by healing your wounds and embracing a meaningful, heart-centered path. I’m Megan Edge, Master Healer, educator, and author of The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook, and I want to invite you into a world of healing possibilities.

When you’re ready to take the next step on your healing journey, I invite you to connect with me. Join me on the journey to living with a healthy mind, body, and soul.

I look forward to hearing from you.

XO Megan

My Approach to Healing


At the heart of my approach to healing lies the art of listening. Understanding your story as you tell it is paramount to the initiation of profound transformation.

By delving into your experiences, I aim to understand the intricacies of your journey and lay the groundwork for personalized healing.

Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, forging a new relationship with your life’s experiences and empowering you to achieve mind, body, and soul healing.


Healing is a dynamic journey, and I am committed to co-creating a personal plan that resonates with your unique healing goals and life experiences.

Drawing upon a diverse blend of traditional wisdom and innovative healing modalities, we develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses the interconnected facets of your being—mind, body, and soul.

This collaborative development ensures a holistic and practical approach to your healing journey, grounded in intention and guided by expertise.


Embarking on a healing journey is both courageous and transformative, and my role is to offer unwavering support every step of the way.

Whether you’re navigating challenges, celebrating victories, or delving into new realms of self-discovery, I am here to provide the guidance, encouragement, and expertise needed to create a nurturing and empowering healing environment.

Together, we cultivate a space where healing flourishes and you emerge empowered to embrace life’s infinite possibilities.

Healer’s Tool Kit

I am trained and certified in many healing modalities and have created numerous healing techniques and training programs. I am a Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Essential Oils Therapist, Plant Medicine Specialist, and Counselor. I have trained in many therapies, including Past Life Regression Therapy, EFT, Pranic Healing, meditation and visualization, Chakra healing, manifesting, and intuitive development. I bring a wealth of healing tools and techniques to my healing practice and my Healer’s Tool Kit. Here are a few of the many tools I work with in your healing journey.

Megan Edge Healing - meditation tools


Meditation is a practice for calming the mind’s nonstop activity and chatter, helping you to focus on areas of your life that yearn for inner peace and reflection. Meditating regularly frees your mind from nagging, negative thoughts and worries, helps relax your body, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Using a meditative tool allows you to shift your focus from the busyness of your mind to something in your life that needs your attention. Oracle cards can be a deeply healing form of meditation. The images and messages of an Oracle card help you tap into your unconsciousness to answer a question or situation you are experiencing.

I created The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook to help you open to your heart’s intelligence and insight, giving you the ability to heal your heart wounds, love profoundly, and connect authentically with others.

aromatic medicine


Aromatherapy and herbalism are often practiced as two separate approaches to health and well-being. While each practice has its strengths, blending the two creates a symbiotic relationship, where each application enhances the other’s impact on your healing.

Aromatic Medicine unites the two into a cohesive, holistic practice and unlocks deeper healing potential. In Aromatic Medicine, essential oils and incense create a sacred connection to the healing power of nature. Backed by modern research, essential oils offer antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties, while incense blends aromatic resins with dried botanicals to clear your mind and environment of stagnant energy. These concentrated compounds capture nature’s living energy, holding the transformative power to support healing on multiple levels.

Aromatic Medicine is about healing the body, mind, and spirit and fostering a deep, grounded connection with the natural world, offering a sense of belonging and peace.

Plant medicine content

Plant Medicine
& Botanicals

I am a nature lover, tree hugger, and beach aficionado. The outdoors is my temple, and I believe deeply in the healing medicine of Mother Nature.

No matter where you live, healing plants are right under your feet and towering above you. We live in a fantastic sea of natural medicines. The best plant medicines for you come from the plants in your environment, whether in your backyard or balcony garden, your local neighborhood, park, or town, or in the wilds that surround you past your city limits.

I created Beyond the Garden Gate Botanicals to educate clients about the healing potential of plants and other botanicals and how to incorporate plant medicines into their healing journey. The plants in your environment have 10,000 times more healing potency than those from elsewhere. Bringing plant medicine and botanicals into your healing creates a holistic synergy for your lasting well-being and health.

Join me on my Facebook and Instagram pages as I share my foraging adventures, backyard harvests, and resources for keeping yourself healthy with Nature’s bounty.