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Immerse yourself in teachings and wisdom through my radio show, podcasts, workshops, and public speaking events, and discover a world of unconventional paths to health and healing.

Playing on the Edge Radio

Playing on the Edge Radio with Megan Edge is different from your typical health, wealth, and happiness show. It challenges conventional beliefs and offers unique methods for sustaining radical change and healing with ease. With over 50 episodes, Megan provides a wealth of thought-provoking and in-depth ideas and experiences on health and wellness.

On the Edge of Prosperity

Radically Changing Your Story

On the Edge of Mask Hypnosis

Magic, Mystery & Medicine

Join Megan as she explores the magic, mystery, and medicine of health and wellness through live interviews with fellow Healers and educational videos highlighting natural and energetic medicines.

With Soul Healer Jen Wear

Harvesting Fir Sap Pt 1

In Conversation with Wes Gietz

Essentials Round Table

Megan and her co-star, Susan Seale, share tons of information on essential oils—their history, science, and medicine—and how to incorporate them into your daily wellness routine. Often hilarious and always backed by science and research, this show is packed with great education and lots of fun facts!

Oil Drops: Lucy Libido

The Sexy Show (Yes, it’s Clickbait!)

Essential Oils History

Talks, Workshops, & Classes

Megan has been teaching workshops, classes, and her certification programs for over twenty years and has spoken in front of audiences large and small on a multitude of spiritual healing and health & wellness topics. Watching one of Megan’s talks is like being in the room with her!

Shaman, Witch, Pagan: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

Spirit Guides Live Workshop

Learning Oracle Cards @ Lobelia’s Lair with The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook

Visualizations & Meditations

Megan has created many healing meditations and powerful visualizations, often based on her intuitive work with clients and students. Give yourself a moment of inner peace and enjoy these beautiful self-care practices.

Forgiveness Breath Technique

Healing Meditation for Your Sexual Body

Six Senses Meditation

Chakra Journey

Megan has studied the Chakra system extensively, creating a 13-week self-guided Chakra Journey that taps into the seven main Chakras and introduces the participant to a few lesser-known Chakras, such as the Foot & Hand Chakras. You’ll also find Megan’s live talks and workshops to enjoy and learn from in the comfort of your own home.

Welcome to Your Foot Chakra

Welcome to Your Hand Chakra

Chakra Journey: Ankles, Knees, Hips, Elbows & Shoulders

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook

Megan shares how she came to create her beautiful, heart-centered deck of Oracle cards, how to work with Oracle cards, and highlights some of the cards from her deck in this series of educational and fun Heart’s Journey Oracle card videos.

The Hearts Journey: Playing on the Edge Radio

3 Card Pull

Heart Cycles: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards

Past Life Exploration

Megan has been fascinated by the concept of past lives since she was a child and has studied the subject for decades. In her various talks and workshops on this powerful healing modality, Megan will share some of her profound insights and experiences and teach you how to access your past life memories.

Past Life Exploration live Workshop

Past Life Memory Hack: Face Scrying

Intuitive Arts Festival Past Life Exploration Workshop

Mastering Manifesting

Can you create the life you desire, achieve your goals and dreams, and fulfill your potential? Megan believes you can and shares the many effective methods she has learned and developed over her many years of studying Manifesting.

Workshop Wisdom: Unfolding as it Should

Wish, Want, Create Live Workshop

The Art of Manifesting Live Workshop

Workshop Wisdom

A taster of wisdom tidbits gleaned from Megan’s talks, workshops, and classes. When you don’t have time for a deep dive into her work, watch a bit of Workshop Wisdom for guidance and direction in your day.

The 90/10 Rule

The 9th Chakra and the Ascension

Belief Systems

The Work I Do

Megan loves the work she does, and in these short videos, Megan offers insight into the why and how of her passion for helping others attain deep and permanent healing.

Manifesting & Gold

Chakra Clearing

Healer, Heal Thyself

Look Who’s Talking with Megan

Not only does Megan love interviewing fellow Healers and Alternative Medical Practitioners, but she is often invited to appear on other like-minded podcasts. Enjoy these insightful and transformative conversations on a multitude of topics, including radical healing, manifesting, essential oils, aromatic medicine, foraging and plant medicine, and much, much more!

In Conversation with Peter Lount

In Conversation with Yohanna Hestler

In Conversation with Pat Valks

“I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring I found your workshop. After feeling very stuck for many weeks and not entirely understanding the reason, The Art of Manifesting got my energy flowing again. The technique you taught us to get unstuck was brilliant. May you enjoy all the success coming to you – as I will mine. WE DESERVE. We really do!”