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Intuitive Counseling and Energy Medicine aim to re-align the Mind-Body-Soul connection.

Overcome Trauma and Unlock Healing and Joy

Emotional and physical trauma, old, restrictive beliefs, emotions, and energy residue can hinder and slow personal growth. When you become conscious of your thoughts and feelings that keep you repeating limiting behaviors and habits, you release the experience of feeling lost, stuck, or unempowered and create limitless possibilities for healing and joy.

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Transform Pain into Perspective: Creating Healthier Life Narratives

This is the work I do; I help you understand your pain, wounding, doubts, and fears from a bigger perspective, helping you create a new, healthier relationship with your life experiences. Together, we look at how you’re telling your story with a broader lens, finding the patterns, habits, and beliefs that keep the old story in place.

Reframe Your Story: Healing Through Diverse Modalities

From there, we begin the reframe, creating a new relationship for you with your experiences and finding meaning in the events that form the story of who you are.

With this approach and multiple healing modalities such as Aromatherapy, Food & Plant Medicine, visualization, mediation, and energy healing, you release self-limiting beliefs about who you are, who you came here to be, and what you’re capable of accomplishing in your amazing life.

Healing Services

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counselling is a holistic and empowering modality of healing in which we tap into your deep knowing of precisely what it is you need to heal yourself in a safe, supportive environment free of judgment or expectation.

With my background and training in social work, women’s studies, crisis counseling, psychology, and energy and intuitive therapies, I gently guide you through your healing and into a healthy relationship with yourself.

I work with various healing tools, including essential oils, plant medicine, energy healing, oracle cards, and personalized guided meditations and visualizations.

60-minute session ~ $185
~ includes audio recording & essential oil blend

90-minute session ~ $250
~ includes audio recording & essential oil blend

Walk & Talk Intuitive Counseling 

Forest Bathing, Water Therapy, Earthing, and Beach Meditation Walks are some of the many ways we can bring Nature into your healing journey. As a generational forager and plant medicine expert, I combine my passion for the outdoors with my expertise in a variety of healing modalities and add a unique dimension to my healing work. A walk in the forest, immersed in the energy of the trees and plants, relaxes and grounds you as you share your story with me. The ocean is full of medicine for the mind and body; a stroll along the river helps you to release old pain and trauma and relax into the natural flow of your life; a walk beneath the towering trees brings perspective. Along the way, I find plant medicines that will support the healing of your mind, body, and soul. 

60-minute session ~ $200

90-minute session ~ $270

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression can help you see personal relationships in a new light, energize latent talents and abilities, release fears and anxieties linked to other lifetime traumas, and help you better understand and connect to your life’s purpose. It also enables you to experience the transitional states of death and heal fears of dying and allows you to understand better and connect to your life’s purpose. I use several different techniques, including my Rapid Response Technique, to help you remember your past life experiences. You are always a conscious participant in the work we do together.

60-minute session ~ $185
~ includes audio recording

90-minute session ~ $250
~ includes audio recording

Friends & Family Readings

Bring your best friend or favorite family member to explore your personal, energetic, and emotional connections with one another. Intuitive guidance comes through, as well as information on each of your emotional and past life connections. Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries with a Friends & Family Reading. I use many intuitive tools, including Oracle cards and pendulums, to tap into your collective energies.

90-minute session ~ $350
includes audio recording

intuitive Energy Massage™ (IEM)

I created Intuitive Energy Massage from the many healing modalities I have studied over the past three decades. With IEM sessions, clients experience profound healing, deep relaxation, and physical release of chronic, physical, and psychological pain. An IEM treatment is a profoundly transformative and healing energetic massage that combines elements of Reiki, Pranic Healing, White Light Healing, Cranial Sacral Movement, Acupressure, major and minor Chakra alignment, and Intuitive Counseling for a profoundly relaxing and healing experience. 

An IEM treatment takes place on a massage table or chair with the client fully clothed. IEM is a hands-on treatment through a blanket and can include topical use of pure essential oils. 

75-minute treatment ~ $200
includes audio recording & essential oil blend

Foot Chakra Massage™

This foot and lower leg massage incorporates Acupressure, Reflexology, massage, and Chakra balancing elements to revitalize your tired and aching feet and legs. Powdered Himalayan rock salt blended with olive oil and pure essential oils gently exfoliates your legs and feet. Simultaneously, the opening of the Foot Chakras aids in grounding and connecting you to your life path and purpose. The Foot Chakra Massage includes energy balancing of the head and shoulders and is excellent for times when you feel scattered, unsupported, or lack clarity. It is an excellent treatment for neuropathy, nail infections, water retention, and edema.

60-minute treatment ~ $185
~ includes essential oil blend

~ add optional seaweed soak

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

If you are seeking deeper insights and clarity of your life’s purpose and guidance on your pressing questions or are keen to develop your intuitive skills, Oracle &Tarot Reading is a perfect gift to give yourself. Oracle and Tarot cards serve as a bridge between your conscious and subconscious minds, offering not just guidance but a reflection of your deepest self. We find inspiration and comfort in many places: books, movies, and other people’s stories and experiences. The symbols on an Oracle or Tarot card spark thoughts and ideas of how you can live your life differently by listening to and contemplating the message of each card. They are a tool for those ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, transcending traditional boundaries with their limitless potential for personal interpretation and intuition. I have worked with Oracle and Tarot for over thirty-five years and have published The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards & Guidebook. I have developed many techniques for reading the healing messages they contain to help you connect with your inner wisdom and knowing to help you make positive and empowered choices in your life.

60-minute session ~ $200
~includes audio recording and photos of the cards chosen

12-Month Oracle Card Reading

The 12-Month Oracle Card Reading allows you to tap into your energy and discover the experiences and power you’ll be working with throughout the twelve months following your reading. This knowledge can help you know the optimum times to make choices or changes and when it’s best to stay put, enjoying the energies around you. We pull an Oracle card for each month from the time of the reading and tap into the message of the Oracle card for that month.

The 12-Month Energy Reading is a client favorite and is an excellent birthday or holiday gift. My clients love their 12-Month Oracle Card Readings and often check in each month, taking great comfort in the accuracy of the reading and the insights and guidance they have received.

What a great way to stay on track!

90-minute session ~ $250

includes audio recording and photo of cards chosen

Healing Packages

I’m honored to work with you. Your trust in me is sincerely acknowledged.

Healing can take time and commitment. The journey is less about fixing you, as there isn’t anything wrong with you, as it is about you living your best life, whatever this looks like to you.

These sessions include the 90-minute Intuitive Energy Massage, Past Life Healing, Intuitive Counselling, or any combination thereof.

  • Session packages are ideally paid for in full at the start of our work together. Financial flexibility is available if required.
  • All major credit cards, e-transfer, cash, or cheque are accepted.
  • Sessions are booked in advance and can be adjusted as needed.

Here are two options for working long-term together

5 sessions ~ $1125
10% Discount from $1250)

10 sessions ~ $1915
15% Discount from $2250)

“I’m writing to you to give you a heartfelt testimonial to your last reading of mine…I am going to do my best to convey the narrative that took place in my head this morning…”Holy shit, remember your session with Megan three months ago? A lot of inspiring information, subtle clues, and even things you didn’t think you needed to hear at the time…yet, bam! Here you are. It is all lined up, you asked, and you received!” Thank you again.
Davyd V