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The moment I learn something that I feel has value, I want to share it.

I Love Teaching!

I love gathering information and sharing it with people who wish to learn. My goal is to share with people what I know so that the world can be filled with Healers and then healed people. My passion is in empowering others to recognize their potential, heal what holds them back from fully enjoying their lives, and help them to be in every possibility.

Empowering Future Healers Through Collaboration

I love creating collaborative opportunities for my students. I’m a firm believer in cooperation rather than competition, and I love helping people become the Healers they wish to be. The world needs Healers, and I know that if you think you could be a Healer, then you are already a Healer, and I can help you actualize this path.

Certification: Building Trust and Professionalism in Healing

Certification is an essential aspect of being a professional Healer. It demonstrates to your clients that you are committed to the work you do and have invested the time and money in your training so that you can be the best Healer you can be. It helps your clients feel confident in your offerings and abilities and builds trust in the client/Healer relationship.

Healing as a Journey: The Importance of Personal Growth for Healers

Another equally important part of the Healer’s Journey is in doing your work. Healing is an ongoing part of your life as events happen to you. To be a healer doesn’t mean that you must be entirely healed of your wounds. It does mean that you are willing and able to experience your healing so that you can hold space for your clients without being triggered by their experiences. As Healers, you must be able to discern between your healing and that of your client.

Explore Personal Growth with Self-Directed Online Healing Programs

For those of you interested primarily in personal growth, I have created online self-directed programs based on my Healers certifications. You can access these classes and workshops from the privacy of your own home and in your own time. Each class is designed to be fun, engaging, and transformative, providing you with lots of information and experiences. Join me in my Learn It Live  classroom, and stay tuned for upcoming workshops, talks, and teachings.

Five Ways to Open and Use Your Intuitive Pathways for Clarity & Decision-Making

Learn easy tools and techniques that will help you connect to and use your intuition to live your life with more ease and confidence to make wiser choices for yourself and expand your awareness of the unseen world around you. In this one-hour, complimentary, or by donation, recorded class, Master Healer Megan Edge takes you through her five proven techniques to develop your intuition, including the importance of your mindset, how to work with intuitive tools such as Oracle cards and pendulums, the language of the Clair-senses, the power of your imagination and the importance of patience and practice.

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Join Me in 2024: Explore Upcoming Workshops and Certifications

I’m excited to be back teaching in 2024. Stay tuned for my online and live workshops, check out my virtual classroom on Learn it Live and keep in touch through my newsletter to be the first to know about my upcoming certification programs, including the Intuitive Energy Massage Practitioner’s Program and The Confident Healer: An Intensive Intuitive Healer Certification.

“Thank you so much for the fabulous class on Energy Work. I really enjoyed all the people in the class as well…you have collected a wonderful group. Once again, you have shown that not only are you an excellent “holder of sacred space” but you are also one really incredible teacher.”