Meet Megan

I am often asked why I choose Healing as a profession. It is more accurate to say that Healing chose me.

I had to help

As a child, I rescued every sort of creature, bringing home birds of every feather, squirrels, and kittens to be nursed back to health and saving all sorts of bugs from harm. I was the kid on the playground coming to the rescue of other children being bullied or injured. I was never the sort to stand by and let things unfold. 

Childhood Illnesses and the Journey to Understanding My Health

Growing up, I was often ill. If it was “cold and flu season” I would get what was going around. I would get mysterious stomach aches, my sinuses would be congested, and my lungs would be compromised. When I wasn’t suffering from one illness or another, I was healthy as a horse, running with the pack of kids in my neighborhood.

At school, I would always get sick around exam time. Bronchitis, strep throat, and pneumonia were my constant companions as I sat for my exams. If there was tension at home, I would come down with “something” — every time.

To me, this was normal health…Until I went to university.

From ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ to Herbal Enthusiast

Do you remember the book series Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel? I loved that series. I read the books multiple times. I also took my yellow highlighter and highlighted every mention of the herbs and plants that were used for healing throughout each book.

I then researched each herb and plant to understand its healing properties and health benefits better. My kitchen cupboards were filled with jars of dried herbs I found at the local health food store. I made some awful-tasting teas in those days!

It was natural that I would migrate toward plants as medicine. I grew up in a foraging family. Our weekends were spent harvesting fiddleheads and wild garlic in the spring, berries and other wild fruits in the summer, and hunting wild mushrooms in the fall. At the beach, we collect clams, mussels, and oysters.

Nature was our pantry.

Embracing Holistic Health Amidst Medical Challenges

Somewhere along the way between childhood and becoming an adult, I developed a passion for learning how to incorporate natural medicines into health and healing. I watched as the medical system failed my mother in her fight against Crohn’s and Colitis. At no point did her specialist talk to her about her nutrition and how the foods she was eating were contributing to her suffering. She was never tested for celiac disease; it was the knife for her and radical surgery. For that matter, none of my specialists asked me about my diet as I bounced around the medical system seeking relief from my chronic pain. You would think that after seventeen surgeries, someone might have suggested a different approach for me than the scalpel!

That is until I saw a naturopath who listened for over an hour to my list of aches and pains. She suggested I do some research on a condition called fibromyalgia.

This was the first I had heard of this.

You see, my knee doctor never talked to my gut doctor, who never reached out to my heart doctor. Modern medicine is very good at compartmentalizing human illness and disease. The medical system is over-specialized to the point where a person is not regarded as a wholistic being but is picked apart into smaller and smaller components of bodily function. This approach can be helpful for a specific pain, but it doesn’t consider the whole body or mind.

It doesn’t go to the source; it focuses on the symptom.

My mother did not survive the medical system. When she died, I made a promise to myself that I would learn as much as I could about wholistic healing. There is a time and place for emergency intervention, and then the work begins for profound and permanent healing. I did this for myself by learning which foods and plants support my health and which do not. I changed the way I was thinking about my life and my health.

Through my work as a Healer, I have helped others, for over thirty years, do this as well.

Master Healer to Foraging Expert:

My Three-Decade Journey in Holistic Practices

Over the past three decades, I have continued to broaden my learning, completing certification programs and being named a Master Healer. I have created many training programs, including The Confident Healer: An Intensive Intuitive Healer’s Certification Program® and Intuitive Energy Massage Practitioners Certification®, an innovative, new energy healing modality. I’m the author of The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guidebook, published with Hay House and Balboa Publishing, and the co-host of Playing on the Edge Radio: Radical Change with Ease.

When I’m not helping clients with healing work, you will find me foraging the local beaches for seaweed, clams, and oysters or tromping through the forests searching for wild mushrooms and plant medicines. I’m never far from my foraging roots!

Megan: A Diverse Expertise Beyond Conventional Medicine

Megan is neither a main stream medical doctor nor a registered psychologist. She is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Master Forager, Essential Oil Specialist, Past Life Therapist, and much, much more…

Megan’s healing studio is in beautiful Fairfield, Victoria, BC.

For more information and to book a session, please email her or call

“From the moment I walked up the path to Megan’s door, I felt a sense of warmth, kindness, and security. I felt safe, and I knew instantly that she was the one I was meant to connect with”

Jen G