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I love StoryPeople! I first came across his work in Laguna Beach in 2007 and have been an avid fan ever since. I have several of his creations on my walls. This one was in my inbox this morning. In many ways, this is the therapeutic approach I use in my healing work for my clients—reminding ...people of what they may have forgotten—their innate beauty and brilliance!

There is so much natural medicine all around you! Each season has its healing heroes and comfrey is definitely one of my spring and fall favorites; spring for the leaves and fall for the roots. Learn more here:

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I get excited about a few things (most are homestead related), but rabbits and comfrey are at the top of my list! There are so many uses for comfrey...


Elderberry flowers! The Elderberry tree is a wonderful medicinal tree that has been used for thousands of years in folk medicine.🌸 The berries are used to make a potent cold and flu syrup and are used extensively in natural remedies.🫐 The flowers are used fresh in cordials and dried in teas, ...tinctures and infused oils. Interestingly, the flowers offer broad spectrum UV protection when made into a salve - one of my favourite ways to use plant medicines! Your skin is your biggest organ afterall! #naturalmedicine #naturalmedicineweek #elderberrysyrup #naturalimmunitycommunity #urbanforaging

Usnea lichen, also known as Old Man's Beard, is an indicator of clean air and has been used in folk remedies for lung and chest issues. Use topically as a chest salve or in tincture form. Coming soon, Pure Usnea Oil for bath, body or massage! #healthylifestyle #naturalskincare #forestlife ...#healingplants

I had a client ask me if I am familiar with the system of Human Design today and while I am familiar with the basics of it, I haven't done much with it. So, I filled in an online assessment and discovered I am a Generator, which is a perfect description for me! Have you learned your Human ...Design designation yet? It's fascinating!

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Human Design Generator - Understanding the Type

Unveil the essence of Generators in Human Design: their response-based decision-making and path to fulfillment.


Good morning Everyone,

I want to personally thank each of you for accepting my invitation to join me on my new Megan Edge Healing page. It's my goal to curate content here that you want to see, can benefit from, and will enjoy.

Your input matters to me. I would love to hear ...what it is that you would love to receive from me. Whether it's resources, articles, musings, meditations & visualizations, or educational and fun videos from my YouTube channel, your preferences matter.

I have so much to share! What would you like?

I look forward to and appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas.

XO Megan

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas! I hope you are well celebrated today and everyday! My daughters surprised me with brunch on the deck in the sun, gardening with me and some lovely gifts - they know me so well!

The latest addition to my foraging and plant medicine library! This is a phenomenal book packed with information, full-colour photos and wonderful stories of the practical, medical and spiritual use of mushrooms and lichens. I'm especially excited about learning more on the medicine of ...lichens!
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“I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring I found your workshop. After feeling very stuck for many weeks and not entirely understanding the reason, The Art of Manifesting got my energy flowing again. The technique you taught us to get unstuck was brilliant. May you enjoy all the success coming to you – as I will mine. WE DESERVE. We really do!”