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The moment I learn something that I feel has value, I want to teach it. I love gathering information and sharing it with people who wish to learn.

My goal is to teach people what I know so that the world can be filled with healers and healed people. My classes are fun and transformative and give you lots of information and experience. I would love for you to join me.

All classes and workshops are held in my healing studio in beautiful Fairfield, Victoria, BC. Bring water and comfortable clothes – we often go out into nature as we learn.

I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring I found your workshop. The technique you taught us to get unstuck was brilliant.


…(your class) was very helpful and the knowledge you passed was fantastic and very enlightening.


I see it as a new beginning; a new beginning of small steps in the right direction. Thank you again for a wonderful experience!


(Intuitive Intensive) was instrumental in supporting me to listen more to my intuition and take some important steps I had been thinking about for a while


What a fantastic fabulous amazing outrageous way to share 2 days with you and a group of daring, blooming open sister goddess women!


Megan, thank you for the wonderful classes… and thank you for holding space for all of us the way that you have. I so look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customize & Create Your Own Class

Circle SmallMegan is available for private classes and workshops. Gather your friends and colleagues together and customize an afternoon of learning on any Metaphysical or Alternative Healing topic or combination of topics Megan teaches on. Private and semi-private workshops are 5 hours long and can be on any date decided on by the participants and for which Megan is available. The cost for private or semi-private classes is $175 per participant and includes all materials, snack and a recording of the class. Class size is 4 – 10 participants. These classes will not be open to the public and can be held during the weekdays or on the weekend.

Check out the list of possibilities below and get in touch with Megan with your request . The rest flows from there.

Workshop Subjects:

  • Developing your Intuition and Psychic Skills – A Smorgasbord of Exercises and Teaching
  • Creating and Working with Nature Essences and Inuitive Aromatherapy
  • Past, Con-Current and Future Life Regression and Discovery
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Healing – including Reiki 1, 2 and Master/Teacher, Reiki for Children, Intuitive Body Massage, Seeing and Sensing Energy
  • Chakra and Aura Journeys – can be an 10 week, once weekly class – cost would differ
  • The Power of Colour – How the Rainbow Heals
  • Astral Travel and Dream Landscapes
  • Spirit Guides and Channeling
  • Oracle and Divination
  • Reading Oracle Cards for Health and Well-Being
  • Creating and Working with Energy, Flower and Earth Cycle Essences
  • The Art of Manifesting – Relationship, Career, Health, Adventure, Money – You name it, it’s Yours!
  • The Energy of Money
  • Himalayan Salt Therapy
  • Mediumship and Connecting with the Departed
  • Fairies and the Elemental Realm
  • Pagan, Shaman, Witch – Old World Ritual for New Age Thinking
  • The Power of Words to Change Your Life
  • Tool and Techniques for Staying Grounded in this Energetic World

If you would like to study a subject not on this list let Megan know, she’ll learn it and share it, or she may even know it already and just not thought of it.

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