Practitioners Certification Program

Level 1
(Friday 10am – 3pm,
Sat & Sun 11am – 5pm)
Nov 24 – 26, 2017
Jan 19 – 21, 2018

Level 2
(Sun 11 am – 5pm)
Sat Oct 14 2017

Your financial investment in yourself and your healing practice is
$599 for Level 1
$299 for Level 2
$499 for Master/Teacher
Location: Victoria, BC

Previous IEM Classes and Graduates

Intuitive Energy Massage (IEM) is a transformative energetic massage which combines Reiki, Pranic Healing, White Light Healing, Cranial Sacral Movement, gentle body pulling, Major and Minor Chakra alignment, and Energy Medicine for a profound relaxation and healing experience.  This massage is done on a massage table with the client fully clothed.

What is Energy Medicine?

Your body consists of more than its physical aspect. As you move through your life you collect experiences, both joyful and traumatic. These experiences are held in your Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual and Intellectual bodies, where they either help or hinder you.

If, as a child, your experience of your birthday was one of joy and love, as you move through your life you’ll expect this event to be joyful because this was your early experience. If your experience was the opposite, you’ll carry that memory, where it will continue to affect your
expectation of birthdays.

Energy Medicine seeks to heal the energy of the negative memory by identifying, shifting and reframing it through numerous techniques such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, and visualization.

As an IEM practitioner, you’ll learn to listen to the stories your clients are holding in their bodies, from this lifetime and others, opening to the guidance from their Energetic, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual bodies.

IEM Practitioners Certification

The IEM Practitioners Certification Program includes;

  • 18 hours of hands-on training with creator Megan Edge
  • Manual and related materials
  • Practical exam
  • On-going support in our private IEM Forum
  • Maximum 8 students per class to ensure plenty of hands-on, personal training
  • Available 3 different weekend trainings June, July OR September 2017

Level 1 is a full weekend training, followed by 10 practicum sessions and final exam with Megan Edge. Students review their understanding of energy healing, followed by in-depth training on the technique of this healing modality, including accessing their

Students learn the Front IEM, Back IEM and the Foot Chakra Massage. Once certified, students have everything they need to begin offering Intuitive Energy Massage to existing clients or use this training as the beginning of their healing practice.

Level 2 offers a full-day workshop where Level 1 graduates can connect with other Level 1 practitioners delving deeper into the intuitive aspect of this modality.  Graduates of Level 1 strengthen their intuitive healing and communication abilities to greatly enhance their work with clients. Students then learn the IEM Chair Technique, adding yet another dimension to their services.

Master/Teacher offers one-on-one teacher training with Megan, live classroom training where practitioners assist Megan in teaching Level 1 and 2, manuals for their first teaching of Level 1 and 2 classes, and access to manual pdfs for future classes. Graduates have the ability to certify others in IEM, and share this knowledge through their own classes and workshops.
*Only practitioners who have been certified as Level 1 and 2 are invited into the Master Teacher Training.