Your mind is the source of your beliefs, intentions, ideas and actions. Nothing happens in your experience that doesn’t start as a thought or notion then to become action.

When we work with the mind we are really working with the entire body as your body will always tell you the truth of any situation or experience, if you listen. The Mind/Body connection is the Souls’ way of communicating with the Human Being part of yourself. When all three components are in alignment with each other you allow ease into your experiences. When there is a disconnect in the system you manifest fears, illness, or injury and these become your experience of being Human.

In the practice of Intuitive Counselling, Energy Work and Massage the intention is to re-align the Mind/Body and Soul connections so there is flow again throughout the system. Emotional and physical trauma, old, restrictive beliefs and emotions and residue from this and Other Lifetimes can hinder your growth, if you allow them to. As you become conscious of your ways of thinking and feeling that are keeping you stuck in limiting energy patterns you release the need to hold on to feeling powerless. Instead, you step into your Authentic Self, giving yourself permission to be healthy, happy and wise – whatever that looks like for you.

This is the work I do, the space I hold for each persons’ unique journey to Well Being. Whether it is to hear the words of guidance from your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, allow Energy Healing or tell your story, you are the Healer and I am the Facilitator. It is my honour to hold space for your Inner Knowing as you move through this Human Being experience in relationship with your Soul Being.

Gift certificates available in any amount for all services, products and workshops – customs made to suit your gift-giving needs.

Intuitive Counselling

Listening to your own Inner Knowing and the guidance of your Energy Beings in a safe, supportive environment of no judgement or apology, Intuitive Counselling reconnects you to your journey and helps you to reunite with the Life Path you set for yourself when you came here. Oracle cards, Rune Stones and Channeling are just some of the methods used to hear your guidance.

$175 investment per 90 minute session – includes digital recording of your session

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Past Life Discovery

Do you want to know if you have lived before? Do you want to do deeper healing work on fears and phobias which cannot be explained by this lifetime’s experiences? Connecting to your Past Lives helps you better understand the choices you make in this lifetime in all areas of your Earth Walk and shifts limiting patterns of thought and behaviour.

$175 investment per 90 minute session – includes digital recording of your session

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Joint/Couple Sessions

A couple/friendship reading has all the same elements as a private Intuitive Reading, with the added fun of sharing the experience with another person. Personal information and guidance comes through for each participant as well as information on the energetic and Other Lifetime connections between each person.

$350 investment per 120 minute session – includes digital recording of your session

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Intuitive Body Massage™

Using Reiki, White Light and Pranic techniques this unique treatment involves gentle stretching of the whole body, opening the minor Chakra centres and helping to release outmoded patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck. All the Chakras are cleared and balanced during this treatment. Your body is supported in the movements it needs to make in order to bring itself to a state of perfect health. A recorded discussion follows each treatment.

$175 investment per 120 minute session – includes digital recording of your session

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Chakra Massage™

Foot Chakra Massage
This massage incorporates elements of acupressure and reflexology to revitalize your tired and aching feet. Powdered Himalayan rock salt blended with olive oil gently exfoliates, while the opening of the Foot Chakras aids in grounding you to this Earth Walk and helps connect you back on your life path and purpose. This is an excellent massage for when you are feeling scattered, unsupported, or lacking clarity.

$175 investment per 90 minute session

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Distance Session

Distance Readings have all the elements of Intuitive Counselling and Psychic Readings but without the client having to leave the comfort of their home. Distance Readings can be done from anywhere in the world as Energy doesn’t recognize borders. With a Skype Reading the client not only sees me, they are also able to view the Oracle cards which are pulled for them during the reading. In an Email Reading the client sends their questions and concerns (up to three) and I sit as if in a personal session, allowing the guidance to flow through me.

$175 investment per 90 minute session – includes digital recording of your session

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12-Month Energy Reading

A 12 Month Energy Reading is an opportunity to tap into your Story and discover, through the use of oracle cards and the space I hold for you, the energies that you’ll be working with throughout the next 12 months.  This helps you to know the optimum times to make choices or changes and those times where it is best to stay put, enjoying the energies around you.

The 12 Month Energy Reading is a client favourite and makes an excellent birthday gift. I have done this reading for clients over the years and the feedback I have received has been wonderful – I’ve heard that people check in each month as the year progresses and have taken great comfort in the accuracy of the reading and the insights and guidance they have received.  What a great way to stay on track!

$175 investment per 90 minute session – includes digital recording and photo of the reading

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Healing Packages

I’m honoured to work with you and to hold space for your journey. Your trust in me is deeply acknowledged. There are a number of options for working together and giving you a break on the cost. I offer 3 and 5 session packages;.
– 5 sessions – $800
– 10 sessions – $1580
These sessions can be whichever of my services you need at the time – you can mix and match Energy Healing, Past Life Healing, Psychic Development etc with the Intuitive Counselling. Session packages are paid for in full at the start so we don’t need to fuss with that part each time – I accept all major credit cards, e-transfer, cash or cheque. We’ll also book you in for all of your sessions at the same time so we know we’ve got you on the calendar.

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Spiritual Journey VIP Package

The Spiritual Journey VIP Package is dedicated completely to you, allowing us to go deeply into many areas of your spiritual journey and growth. You receive:

  • 5-hour Spiritual Retreat Day and 3 two-hour follow-up sessions – a total of 11 personal hours
  • a copy of your Life Purpose Path Blueprint – personally channeled for you prior to your Spiritual Retreat Day
  • 12 Month Energy Reading – audio recorded and send prior to your Spiritual Retreat Day
  • Chakra Health Report – sent as a PDF with details on the health and wellness of each of your 11 Chakra Centers
  • one question answered ahead of your Spiritual Retreat Day as an audio channel with photos of any oracle cards used
  • links to my YouTube channel with instructions as to which teaching videos to watch as you prepare for your Spiritual Retreat Day
  • audio recordings of each of your sessions

What to expect during your Spiritual Retreat Day:

  • 5 hours of Intuitive Counselling, with Past Life Exploration, Energy Healing and Intuitive Health Channeling
  • beautiful homemade lunch
  • Sacred Site Energy Walk (weather permitting)
  • Foot Chakra Massage or Intuitive Energy Massage
  • a gift set of my Psy-Chick Chakra/Crystal Sprays
  • a signed copy of The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guidebook Boxed Set
  • a gift set of three Psy-Chick Nature Essence Sprays of your choice

Your investment: $4999

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