Playing on the Edge with Megan Edge will challenge conventional beliefs about what’s possible in creating health, wealth and happiness, providing listeners with effective methods of sustaining radical and powerful change with ease. You don’t have to make it hard, you don’t have to make it dramatic. What if it could be easy?

This hit show will recreate your relationship with what limits you, open and expand your awareness, accelerate your well-being, as Megan shares wisdom, teachings, and experience from a life long journey of the heart.

Enact the power of radical change with ease and expand your desires, dreams and well-being to their unlimited potential. Now that’s Playing on the Edge Radio!

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Playing on the Edge - Show Titles & Dates
The Living Edge – Radically Changing your Story Dec 12 2017 – 11am PST
Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Every Woman (Why We All Need Powerful Women Icons) Jan 16 2018 – 11am PST
Auras, Authenticity, Audacious – Oh My! (What if you wore no Masks?) Feb 13 2018 – 11am PST
The Courage to be Vulnerable: Coming Down from the Pedestal of Victim Mar 13 2018 – 11am PST
Divination: Remembering the Future, Being Present, Knowing the Past Apr 17 2018 – 11am PST
Cutting Through the Om: Direct Contact with the Divine May 15 2018 – 11am PST
The Structure of Intuition: Are You Listening? Jun 12 2018 – 11am PST
Just Show Up! The 90/10 Rule Jul 17 2018 – 11am PST
The Power of Your Words, Thoughts and Beliefs Aug 14 2018 – 11am PST
Fairies, Angels and Superheroes: This Ain’t Disney! Sept 18 2018 – 11am PST
Collaboration vs Competition: Changing What You’ve Been Taught About How to Get What You Want Oct 16 2018 – 11am PST
Mastering Manifesting: Filling your Desire Account Nov 13 2018 – 11am PST
Symbols and Signs: The Healing Power of Meaning Dec 11 2018 – 11am PST