Working with Psy-Chick Nature Essence Sprays

There are 10 Energy Essences in the Psy-Chick Nature Essences product line. Each Nature Essence begins as a tincture of either a flower essence, an ocean essence or a moon or earth cycle essence. The tincture is placed into a spray bottle with an intuitive blend of essential oils which help support the work of each Essence. Each Psy-Chick Nature Essence is intended to help you make changes and shifts in your life in order to achieve health and well-being. You are doing the magic in saying “yes” to healing your life while the Nature Essences are the tool that anchor your intention to embrace the changes you need to make.

Essences work in subtle ways, shifting blocked energy and clearing the way for you to respond differently to familiar circumstances. The change is within you.

I recommend that if a Nature Essence is new to you, spray the Essence over and around your head, face and shoulders three times a day for the first three days. Allow the spray to fall onto your skin while at the same time breathing it in. This is the quickest way for the Essence to enter your physical and energetic bodies. After the first three days you may use the Nature Essence as many or as few times as you feel you need. Trust your Intuition!

Working with the Full Moon/New Moon 30 Day Program

The Full Moon and New Moon Nature Essences can be used in a 30-day program of clearing and creating. Used as a spray and corresponding to the cycle of the Moon, these Nature Essences can be powerful tools in anchoring the intention to radically change your life, releasing that which no longer serves you, and drawing to you that which does.

Begin the program on the first day of the Full Moon. Spray your Full Moon Nature Essence Spray around your head, face and shoulders, breathing in while repeating with mantra “I now remove from my life people, circumstances and beliefs that no longer serve my Highest Good.” The Full Moon cycle is a time of releasing that in your life which no longer serves you. These can be old habits and behaviours, relationships, careers or other energies which keep you stuck or stagnant. During the two weeks of this phase ask each day for Spirit to shift that which no longer serves your Highest Good out of your energy field and back to the Universe for transmutation.

On the first day of the New Moon switch to your New Moon Nature Essence Spray and repeat the same steps each day with the mantra “I now call to me all those people, circumstances and beliefs that are for my Highest Good.” The New Moon is a time of action, of bringing ideas and thoughts into physical form, of creation. During this two-week cycle work with Spirit to bring to you evidence of your path and purpose. Open yourself to new perspectives of the events you have called into your life and know that you are supported in the actions you feel guided to take.

These essences can also be used individually at any time when you need to step back from the events in our lives – Full Moon, or step into them – New Moon.

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Working With Chakra Crystal Sprays

Each bottle of PsyChick Chakra Crystal Sprays is infused with the Chakra Crystal Essence Oil blend and an individual crystal that corresponds to each Chakra. These beautiful sprays can be used all anywhere and anytime you feel your Chakras need clearing and cleansing. Simply spray your Chakra Crystal Spray over your head and allow the mist to fall onto your skin, breathing deeply as you do. The aromatherapy oil blend works by being absorbed through your skin as well as through your sense of smell. The essential oil blends are subtle and the scent will fade as the mist evaporates.

I recommend using your Chakra Crystal Sprays anytime you feel the need for all-over nourishment, healing and well-being.