Every part of everything has a vibration. When all the parts which make up the whole are vibrating in complementary frequencies, full health is experienced. If one or more parts are not in harmony with the whole, disruption of the system occurs and illness or injury set in.

Nature is full of vibrations which are complementary to our own and can help us heal when we harness these plant, mineral, animal and planetary vibrations through the creation of Psy-Chick Nature Essences and Psy-Chick Chakra/Crystal Essence Oils. An essence is a combination of pure water or oil, alcohol as a preservative, and the vibration matrix from the Nature element absorbed by the pure water or oil.

Aromatherapy is widely recognized as a powerful and effective therapeutic tool; it’s use spanning the ages. Essential oils help to relieve your physical and emotional pain, calm your minds and give you a sense of well-being. Essential oils and Nature Essences are a natural combination for deep healing and transformation. When used as a spray, this combination is inhaled into the body and absorbed through the skin for healing on many levels, anchoring your intention to heal those elements that are out of alignment.

All Nature Essence and Chakra Crystal Sprays are $25 each.

How do I use these awesome products?

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Nature Essence Healing Products

Nature Essence Sprays ~ $24.99

How do I use these awesome products?

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with bamboo, bergamot, peppermint, may chang, pink grapefruit, jasmine.

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With purified water energetically charged during the Summer Solstice, combined with the essences of 11 white flowers blooming on the first day of summer and an exotic aromatherapy blend, Clarity dispels your own illusions and helps you see through the illusions of others. Born from the need to see situations in life more clearly, Clarity can help you be courageous in asking the right questions of yourself and those around you as you navigate your relationships, opening you to understanding your motives and those of others. The result – clarity and the ability to create new relationships with your circumstances.


with blood orange, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and lemon.

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This beautiful and gentle essence is derived from flowers of the Strawberry plant. It helps to connect you to your own sense of beauty and worth, allowing you to express your true self. Communicating helps you speak your truth and hear the other side of communication, the truth of others. This is an excellent remedy in times of relationship transitions.


with lavendar, orange, and frankincense.

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Many clients ask me to bottle the healing energy that they experienced during their sessions. This Lavender flower essence opens your connection to Spirit and gives you permission to embrace your Intuitive and Psychic natures. It helps to shift resistance to trusting your Higher Self and anchors your desire to connect more deeply with your Inner Knowing, Guides and with Spirit. Connecting is a wonderful Flower Essence for mediation and deep intuitive work.

Dream Spirit

with rose, jasmine, blood orange, and mugwort.

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So much awaits you in your dreams; people, other lifetimes, healing, experiencing, and learning. You can have clarity when you awaken so the information from your dream landscape can support you during your waking hours. This essence aids you in developing your relationship with your dreams, their symbolisms and deeper meanings while helping you achieve a more restful sleep.


with patchouli and cedarwood.

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Created in the early spring just as the new fronds of Deer Fern unfurl, the energy of Acknowledgement helps you recognize and receive the compliments of others. This Plant Essence also reminds you that you belong on this earth, allowing you to recognize the positive contributions you make. Acknowledgement changes despondent, apocalyptic thinking and helps you move into positive action.

Heart Pool

with damascus rose absolute.

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Created from the crystal-clear waters of a heart-shaped tidal pool at Botanical Beach, British Columbia, this essence helps with releasing outmoded responses to the things that trigger you into old behaviours, especially in relation to others in your life. With the vibration of sea creatures and plants, this Sea Essence deeply supports the acceptance of new ways of being and helps heal deep heart wounds.  Heart Pool supports you in the deep grieving that occurs when we loose a loved one.

Radical Change

with sandalwood and lemon.

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With sea water collected at the moment the tide turns, Radical Change is a Nature Essence which allows transformation and transitions to be experienced with ease. It supports shifts in your thinking to facilitate your acceptance of big changes in your life. As a Sea Essence, Radical Change holds the Earth’s memories and experiences throughout time. This Sea Essence recognizes the need for evolution and growth, much of which is experienced as Radical.


with black pepper, ginger, and blood orange.

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The Morning Glory flower has traditionally been used to promote restful sleep with energetic awakening. With rest and clarity, you can see what your boundaries need to be. This Nature Essence anchors your intention to understand and hold to your boundaries. When your boundaries are undefined you become weakened in your ability to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. You allow yourself to be easily intimidated and bullied, giving away your personal power. This is a Flower Essence of courage, bravery and fierceness coming from your personal power which clears the way for authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Full Moon Releasing

with cedarwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

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The energy of the lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011 was absorbed by pure water over a 24-hour period, allowing the water to become supercharged with the energy of the Full Moon and the Full Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon cycle is a time of releasing that which no longer serves your Higher Good, so you can feel light and clear, developing a closer connection with your purpose in this Human Experience. The Full Moon is the time to remove limited thinking and to embrace your brilliance!

New Moon Creating

with lemon, blood orange, and mint.

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The energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011 was absorbed by pure water over a 24-hour period on Hornby Island, in British Columbia. The New Moon cycle is a time of creating, allowing you to draw to yourself those things that are for your Highest Good in order to take action and bring ideas and thoughts into physical form.
The Full Moon Releasing and New Moon Creating Lunar Essences can be used in a 30-day program of clearing and creating. Used as a spray and corresponding to the cycles of the Moon, these Lunar Essences can be powerful tools in anchoring the intention to radically change your life, releasing that which no longer serves you, and drawing to you that which does. These Lunar Essences can also be used individually at any time when you need to step back from the events in your life or step into them.

Chakra Crystal Healing Products

What are Chakras?
Chakras are energy centers in the human body which govern and hold certain areas of human experience. Your Chakras are the link between your physical and emotional bodies. When you hold onto negative experiences your physical body will manifest specific illness, injury or pain in the areas of your body governed by that Chakra. Your bodies do this as a way of expressing the need to heal those experiences which have not been released through the emotional body.

Balancing and Clearing for the Chakras and Aura
It has been my dream to create a line of Chakra oils combining the healing qualities of aromatherapy and crystals. I am pleased to announce the realization of this dream and to bring these hand-blended, high quality Aromatherapy and Chakra/Crystal Healing Products to your healing journey. Each Chakra product contains a unique aromatherapy oil blend intended to activate and clear your Chakras. Within each product bottle is a corresponding crystal to enhance the overall healing effects of each Chakra/Crystal Product.

How do I use these awesome products?

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Chakra Crystal Sprays ~ $24.99

Foot Chakra

Basil, Sandalwood, Petigrain
+ Tiger Eye

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Sacral Chakra

Blood Orange, Clary Sage, Geranium, Rose and Chamomile
+ Cinnabar

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Root Chakra

Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper
+ Garnet

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Solar Plexus Chakra

Bergamot, Ginger and Nutmeg
+ Citrine

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Heart Chakra

Peppermint, Siberian Pine, Cedarwood
+ Amazonite

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Hand Chakra

Lemon, Bergamot, Rose
+ Rose Quartz

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Throat Chakra

Lemon and Peppermint
+ Sodalite

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Third Eye Chakra

Patchouli, Mugwort, Nag Champa
+ Amethyst

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Crown Chakra

Cedarwood and Jasmine
+ Clear Quartz Crystal

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Soul Chakra

Lemon and Sandalwood
+ Moonstone

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