Metaphysical Meet Up

I am so excited to report that the Metaphysical Meet-Ups are a huge hit! January is overbooked, February is almost full and a number of people have registered for all six so far. I am thrilled to hold space for all of us to get together and share our knowledge and... read more

I am Labelled, Therefore I Am

or The Power of Words to Define Us How many of us have been given a label or been called a word and have chosen to allow ourselves to be defined by that label or word? “Lazy”, “Slow”, “Slutty” And how many of us have placed limits on what we are capable of achieving... read more

I love the holidays

I love watching as the streets throughout the town light up, more houses dispelling the deepening darkness each night. I love the gatherings and opportunities to share food and drink with everyone. I love giving gifts, finding or making the perfect thing which reminds... read more

It’s the End of the World as we Know it…

and I feel fine (Thanx to R.E.M.) I must admit, when I awoke this morning and looked out my window a small part of me went “phew”. Just a small part mind you. So many people asked me this time last year what I thought or felt this year would bring. My... read more

Web of Accountability

Who remembers Family Circus? It was a comic strip from the dark days before the Internet, when the highlight on a Saturday morning was the weekly Funnies, in the newspaper – of all places. And the Funnies, being in colour, were a great place to rub your Silly... read more

This is my wish

Stop a moment & take this in. This is my wish for you this holiday season: remember that you’re alive. Go ahead. Close your eyes. Check in with yourself & see if you’re Occupying Your Own Life. Take a deep breath & look around & see the... read more

Learn to Love

In a recent workshop I taught on Spirit Guides and Channelling, I received a message from my Guides through one of the students during an exercise. The message was this “Learn To Love”. My first reaction was, “I know how to love, I do it every day. I love my children,... read more

This Body has Given Birth

Last night my girls were asking about where babies come from and “how they get in there in the first place” My older girl, having gone through grade school, knows the basics from the Know Your Body classes the school teaches. My younger daughter was having... read more

Be All That You Can Be

What did you want to be when you grew up? Each time I have a client sit with me who wants to know their life’s purpose, this is the question that is asked. As children we had so much wisdom, so much connection, with what we came here to do. And often we came... read more

Thank you for Visiting Me

I love all the connections that are being made. And what an amazing creative outlet this has become for me. I haven’t written creatively since high school and now I’m waking up in the mornings filled with words and ideas and wonder at this creative energy.... read more

The Act of Doing Nothing is Really Quite Something

We live in a culture of doing. We are on constant full throttle, multitasking, carrying on four different conversations at once, thoughts flying a hundred miles an hour. And all this busyness is a wonderful coping mechanism for not dealing or looking at the things in... read more

We teach people how to treat us.

A dear friend made this comment recently and it has stayed with me. In fact, we discussed it at great length. We teach people how to treat us in the ways in which we habitually respond to them; keeping in mind that different people in our lives will treat us... read more

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