Our Relationship with Money, Honey

Our Relationship With Money, Honey! There is energy in money, in fact, money is energy. It is an exchange that flows from one person to another in exchange for a product or service or as a gift. Your relationship with money is like any other relationship – it... read more

Sharing our Stories

Ever had the experience of hearing two people try to tell the same story at the same time? How they can each talk over the other as they try to tell their version of events, each convinced of their own connectedness. Our stories give us our experiences of this life of... read more

Have You Ever Wondered About The Words You Cannot Spell?

I do a lot of work with clients around repositioning their speech so that the words they use to tell their story denote ownership and high vibration of their life experiences. Changing the words we use in our everyday speech changes the context of what we say and... read more

Does Your Big Toe Wonder What Your Ear is Thinking?

The other day I was walking though a beautiful forest with a dear friend of mine. The sun was shining and the day was amazing. As we strolled along the pathways that wind their way through this piece of woodland paradise, called Francis King Park, we found ourselves face to face with a giant of a tree – an old growth fir tree.

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The Seen and The UnSeen

One of my favourite meditations is to gaze into the rays of the setting sun, or through the canopy of the forest as the sun shines through the leaves. How is this a meditation?

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New Profile image

I’ve just changed my profile picture on Facebook. Thank you Jitka of Itkasan Images for this beautiful capture of a natural moment!

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Happy Friday!

Macrame Owls… I love them! I’ll admit it here to the world – or as much of the world as is on Facebook. I have always felt a kinship with owls and macrame is so fabulous that when the two are joined together it feels like magic to me.

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Essence of Spirit Retreat

So it’s been a week since my Essence of Spirit Retreat and I want to share what last weekend was like as I held my first weekend retreat at my cottage on Mayne Island. In a word – great! Although I have a list about a mile long of the thing I will do... read more

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Beautifuls! A couple of beautiful nature heart photos by Monique de Jong and Shelley Sotomar – thank you for so much for sharing! xo Megan read more

To wonder at the choices we’ve made….

Have you ever wondered at the choices you’ve made? Not judged them or condemn them or blamed yourself for them but simply wondered. Have you ever just stepped out of your judgement and simply wondered at the choices you’ve made? Has it ever occurred to you... read more

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