Every part of everything has a vibration. When all the parts which make up the whole are vibrating in complementary frequencies, full health is experienced. If one or more parts are not in harmony with the whole, disruption of the system occurs and illness or injury set in.

What Should I Expect?

When you come for an Intuitive Reading be as open as possible. The reading flows like a conversation. I receive information and insight that your guides and angels want you to know. Often you’ll have an A-HA! moment during your reading were you recognize the information because you’ve been receiving the same information and guidance but not trusting it. The energy builds during a reading and the more open you can be the more accurate the information will be. You can ask questions throughout a reading and ask for clarification as well. Often I will receive guidance to do energy work, chakra clearing and aura work for a client. Nothing happens that the client doesn’t agree to. There is often a lot of laughter, which is an excellent energy builder.

Can I Tell You Things About Myself or Do You Already Know All About Me?

While I am able to tune-in and get certain information about people from my own guides, I do not read you until we are having the reading and I have your permission to proceed. Tuning in to someone without their permission would be like reading someone else’s mail. The more comfortable you are telling me about your questions or issues the more accurate the information will be that comes through for you

Have I Been Here Before?

Past lives or Other Lives will come through in a reading if we specifically request that information or if there is something about that Other/Past life that is relevant to your current situations or questions. Often I will receive messages for you from your Past/Other Self that will relate to where you are in this lifetime.

How Will I Feel After My Reading?

A great deal of information comes through in each Reading. There can be a lot of energy and emotion released and there can be tears. I always have a box of tissue on hand just in case. There can also be a lot of laughter and Aha moments when the information coming through for you connects with things you already know. After a Reading it is best to be kind to yourself. Be aware that past emotions and memories can come to the surface in the days following an Intuitive Psychic Reading or Energy Healing Session. A hot bath with rock salt in it and drinking lots of water can help to ground you after a Reading or Energy session.

Can You Tell Me My Future?

It is my belief that no one can tell you your future. The future is constantly changing with each decision we make. I can give you a best fit from this moment of a potential future based on where you are today. You create our own reality and you alone are responsible for your future. Informed decisions are your best way to proceed. That’s what you come to me for!

Do You Remember What Gets Said In A Session?

I go into a very light altered state when I’m giving readings and doing energy work for my clients. This is a conscious channelling and anything that comes up in a session is completely confidential. Everything is recorded to a downloadable MP3 for your future reference. That way we can both concentrate and be present for the session.

Can You See Spirits, and if so, How?

I receive impressions, either physically or energetically, of people or guides who are around you during a reading. I will see detail with my minds eye which I use to determine who is with us. I often see lights around people as well as their Energy Field. I then receive images, words or emotions which I share with you. I get covered in goosebumps when something that is true is said or recognized and they use my body to indicate things that are going on for you which you need to be paying more attention to. As the energy increases throughout the reading clearer imagery and messages come through.

Do I Have To Do What You Tell Me To?

All life is about choices. I never tell my clients to do one thing or another. My job is to pass on messages from your loving Guides and other Energy Beings. Our Guides, Angles and Inner Knowing all tell us what we need to know. It is up to you to listen or not. My clients often get homework from their Guides, etc, which is always assigned to the Higher Good of each person.

In the end the choice is always yours.