Something I have been working on for my Intuitive Development manual where we’ll be diving into using our intuition to access our other lifetime memories. Here’s an excerpt for your reading pleasure…

Have you lived before?


I have always thought that there are far too many possibilities and opportunities for one lifetime to contain. Even as a small child I had a sense that my life was a bigger container of experience than could be explained by one existence. When people would speak of Heaven as the final resting place my small child mind would stumble on that idea. I felt that it could be a place to rest but certainly not a place to stop forever.


My dreams and my imagination took me to places and times I couldn’t possibly have any experience of in this lifetime. I would read about a historical event or place and recognize them with a knowing I could not explain. I just knew and no amount of logical argument could convince me otherwise.


But there was more to it then just this idea that we live one lifetime at a time and then reincarnate into another, either being rewarded for our efforts or punished for them, moving towards a goal of Nirvana and Enlightenment. That also didn’t sit right with me and I could feel in my dreams and imagination a vaster concept of time and space in relation to how we travel through these various lifetimes.


I couldn’t put any of this into words as a child or even as young adult until I found the Seth Material by Jane Roberts. Here, in the information of an energy being who called himself Seth channelled by a woman names Jane Roberts, I found what I had been missing. Here I found discussions on simultaneous time, multi-dimensional lifetimes, concurrent and future existences all existing at the same time. Here I read that not only is time-travel possible but that it can occur lineally through time, as well sideways and upside down.


My ideas and experiences of my other lifetimes expanded tremendously, and I was able to go into my many other life times and learn, heal and grow through my dreaming, meditation, hypnosis and trusting my inner knowing.


I know this work of other lifetime exploration to be of tremendous value to clients and student who have journeyed into their other lifetimes. Whether from curiosity or the need for deep healing, Past Life Exploration is a wonderful way to expand and deepen your connection to your intuition and psychic abilities.

Did you wonder about past lives as a child?  Has your view changed growing up?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.