Ever had the experience of hearing two people try to tell the same story at the same time? How they can each talk over the other as they try to tell their version of events, each convinced of their own connectedness. Our stories give us our experiences of this life of ours and we can become so convinced of our experience that we block out any other perception. The truth of the matter, as I have seen it and experienced is this – My truth of my life experience is mine and mine alone and your truth is yours. It is not my job to convince you of the rightness of my experience or my experience of another. It’s a bit like the old saying, “Let’s agree to disagree” except that we are taking a bit further, which is to say this – “Let’s agree that my truth does not need to be your truth.” I think that a great many relationships could benefit from this way of seeing things, a lot fewer argument would happen and many more people would maintain their sense of value and self worth.

Try it the next time someone tries to tell you what your experience is based on their perception. Simply say “Your truth is not my truth nor does it need to be” Own your truth, know your thoughts and be solid in your self – all else will follow.