They arrived today – all 600 copies of The Heart’s Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards Boxed Set! Thank goodness the rain had stopped by the time the delivery truck arrived – sunny skies! The rest are at the HayHouse warehouse for global distribution. Will you help us get The Hearts out to your community?

Jodi, the delivery driver for our boxes did – he’s is the first sale of the new boxed set! When he asked what all our excitement was about and I described to him what he was delivering, he was thrilled. Once I showed him the new boxed set with the Guidebook, Journal, 42 Oracle cards, pen and bookmark, he knew his girlfriend would love it – he bought it on the spot! Our first sale was out of the back of the delivery truck – I love it! What a great way to get the energy of The Healing Heart Cards out and into the world!

To top the day off, the second set went out into the world when my dear friend and my girl’s music teacher grabbed the second set this evening – this is how the energy starts moving.

The Heart’s Journey: Healing Heart’s Oracle Cards Healing Set is available from Balboa, Amazon, Barns and Nobles, Baker and Taylor, Ingram and, for the personal touch – me! Call or email for your copy of the new boxed set.

I am so looking forward to sharing the healing of these hearts with you – they are my healing journey – xo Megan