I do a lot of work with clients around repositioning their speech so that the words they use to tell their story denote ownership and high vibration of their life experiences. Changing the words we use in our everyday speech changes the context of what we say and therefor what we experience – now, in the past and in the future. Recently, I had pause to reflect as spellcheck on my computer reminded me for the billionth time that I consistently spell “recieve” incorrectly. And it got me to thinking (oh oh)…why do I always spell this word the wrong way? So then I looked at my ability to receive from others and the Universe and I did a double take! Although I am much less the martyr to perfection – mine, mostly – then I used to be, I am still much more comfortable giving then I am “receiving”. Then I looked at other words that my spellcheck is always correcting me on and I came up with a bit of a list: sheduale, guidence, definately, attachted, deficiancies and, surprisingly – intution – (mostly for myself I’m thinking, as my business is thriving!)

So here is the thing – our Being will find many genius ways of communicating with us about the many things in our lives which we are doing brilliantly, as well as the things – maybe not as many, that we could improve on. In my case, my being is communicating to me through my misspelling of key words in my story. And so I have taken on the challenge from my Being to create a better understanding for myself of myself. I intend to RECEIVE the GUIDANCE that is being SCHEDULED for me to de-ATTACH from my perceived DEFICIENCIES and fully embrace my INTUITION about myself and what I need to expand in my life.

How about you?