Spiderwebs-with-DewOne of my favourite meditations is to gaze into the rays of the setting sun, or through the canopy of the forest as the sun shines through the leaves. How is this a meditation? Because it opens my awareness to the millions of Little Points of Consciousness that are all around me and yet just outside of my normal vision and awareness. Motes in a Sun Beam. Recently, as I was walking in the forest, searching for wild mushrooms (I found almost 20 pounds! It was a glorious day) I noticed that the air around felt hazy, almost heavy. As I looked up through the canopy of trees and into the filtered rays of the sun I saw the most amazing and magical sight.

FernsThe air was thick with Fern spores, soft, yellow powder, floating gently on the breeze and coating everything in the forest. The little bugs were covered in it, glowing and sparkling in the light as they flew about. A string of spider web was gently carried past me by the breath of the forest, glistening like a thousand diamonds as the light caught each spore. When I looked down at the ferns growing on the forest floor around me I witnessed each exhale as they pushed their spores out and into the world. I felt as though I was under the ocean, watching the phosphorescence as they move up and down the water column. It was humbling and awe-inspiriting. I felt filled-up with the beauty and majesty of it.

I love having these sorts of experiences, where I feel invited into the reality of other processes usually Unseen. I love taking a moment to appreciate another Point of Consciousness. It serves as a reminder for me to stop, and smell the roses; to stop, and look around, closer then I normally do, or farther away than I think is possible.

Little MushroomThis is the perfect time of year to take your observations deeper. After the dew falls or on a foggy day, walk outside and ask to be shown the millions of spider webs that are on every surface. Marvel at the crystal drops of water that lace each blade of grass and fallen leaf. See the rainbows in the tiniest dew drop as the sun shines through it. Feel into the complexity of the ground beneath your feet and the vastness of the sky and universe above you. Notice the way the little fall mushrooms push up through the wet soil and cover your lawn and garden overnight, magically appearing and then disappearing back into the damp depth of the ground beneath your feet. Look around you, below you and above. Experience the pulses all around you and within you.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or disconnected, shift your View Point for a moment. You will find that your perspective of circumstances has changed, as have you.

Enjoy this magical day.