As we head into the first weekend of October I want to share something with you that is very near and dear to my heart…

Macrame Owls… I love them! I’ll admit it here to the world – or as much of the world as is on Facebook. I have always felt a kinship with owls and macrame is so fabulous that when the two are joined together it feels like magic to me.

You might think I have a large collection of macrame owls, given my extolling of their virtues. In fact I have none. They are very rare, endangered in fact and need our help. I recently found an amazing organization that is working very hard to rescue and rehabilitate the Macrame Owl, saving them from dusty shelves in second hand stores and dark corners of basements and attics. Please visit them at Macrame to better understand the plight of these magnificent birds and put a smile on your face.

(and if you have one of these amazing and precious Macrame Owls languishing in your, or your parent’s basement, please send it to me where I will provide it with a loving home! – Seriously!)