So it’s been a week since my Essence of Spirit Retreat and I want to share what last weekend was like as I held my first weekend retreat at my cottage on Mayne Island. In a word – great! Although I have a list about a mile long of the thing I will do differently next time, everyone had a wonderful time. And considering that the weather was less then co-operative, that’s saying a lot!

We provided clamping camping accommodations, with electricity, cots, chest of draws and carpets in each of the tents. It rained, poured and howled with wind for much of the weekend – and considering this was an immersion in nature retreat the weather played an important role!

But even with the weather we still did our forest and beach walks and managed to stay on our paddle boards for the Walking on Water portion of the weekend.

There were some hick ups, such as when we showed up at the beach for the paddle boarding on Sunday morning and there was no paddle boards or instructors there! So I improvised and took everyone on another hike out to a very windy point where we experienced the Air part of the weekend. Turned out I had the time wrong and we weren’t supposed to be at the beach until 10am – not 9am. Then, because the wind was so strong, we had to change beaches for the actual paddle boarding! Everyone went with the flow and still had a great experience.

At the end of the retreat we each made our Nature Essences. We had been collecting the materials over the weekend. Each participant received a set of aromatherapy oils to blend for their unique scents for their essences. Each one was so different! I made my Autumn Equinox Essence, named Regeneration, to complete my Four Seasons Nature Essence Collection. I’ll keep you posted for when we go into production with it
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The next Essence of Spirit Retreat will be in the spring. I have another Intuitive Intensive coming up in November – let me know if you’d like to join in!

Enjoy this amazing day! xo Megan