Have you ever wondered at the choices you’ve made? Not judged them or condemn them or blamed yourself for them but simply wondered. Have you ever just stepped out of your judgement and simply wondered at the choices you’ve made? Has it ever occurred to you to say to yourself…”I wonder why I choose to do that?” or “I wonder why I choose that path or said those words?” And if you were to allow yourself to simply wonder, how do you think you might feel about your choices?

You could open yourself up to possible reasons for your choices; you could allow the bigger picture of your life patterns to show up in your consciousness; you could begin a dialogue with yourself about all the reasons why you might have made a particular choice. And from there you could know yourself better then you do now. From there you could forgive yourself for choices you feel were wrong and congratulate yourself for the choices you feel were right. From there you could even get to a place of seeing that there are no right or wrong choices. From there you could say to yourself..”I made a choice. And in making that choice I empowered myself. And from that choice I had an experience and the experience I had is now a part of my story. And it was neither right or wrong – it was simply my experience and has thus became my truth.”

And then, you could be simply wonderful.